The Vision of StratAlign
Positive people, productive workplace partnerships

The Mission of StratAlign
Aligning people with strategy and each other in the workplace and beyond

The Values of StratAlign
StratAlign holds to the following five P’s:

  • People – people are the key to the success of almost any organisation
  • Potential – every person and situation has significantly more potential than is immediately obvious
  • Participation – enabling the valued appropriate participation of people unlocks potential
  • Partnership – where participation is expressed as partnership the impossible becomes possible
  • Process – credible processes produce credible outcomes 

Our Approach
We go about our work in three distinct but interrelated phases: DIAGNOSE; DESIGN and DELIVER. The aim of the entire process is to enable people and organisations to collaboratively optimise their success through identifying opportunities for growth and improvement and then designing and delivering plans and processes to

1.      Diagnose: Here we seek to gather the necessary information about the needs, requirements and opportunities within the client’s organisations. We do this using a range of tools including surveys, interviews, research, focus groups and workshops. Key question: What are the opportunities in the organisation or workplace to optimise performance?

2.      Design: Here we use the information gathered in the “diagnose” phase to support the process of designing and developing a plan, process or proposal through which the client can address the needs, requirements and opportunities uncovered. Essentially we use strategic planning and other tools to enable people within the client organisation to co-create a way forward. Key question: What is possible and how do we make it happen?

3.      Deliver: Here we support client organisations as they seek to implement the plan they have created in the “design” phase. This includes such activities as project or programme management support, training and capacity building, coaching and mentoring, process facilitation, conflict management and mediation.

Our Approach