Workplace Partnerships

Building Workplace Partnerships

South African society has a history of conflict and adversarialism at almost every level. And the miracle of South Africa is that through the leadership of Nelson Mandela and other great South Africans it has been able to create a relatively peaceful and stable society. Nonetheless that peace is fragile and the threat of violence and conflict resides just below the surface and like a volcano occasionally erupts resulting in pain and suffering most particularly for the less advantaged members of society. One of the abiding flashpoints for conflict is the workplace where management and unions continue to exist in permanent tension with each other.

The question we ask is whether conflict and violence is inevitable or can parties in the workplace find a different way of engaging with one another this will lead to a transformed relationship and mutually beneficial outcomes?

Our answer is yes. This yes is not based on theoretical conjecture but on real experiences in workplaces where the commitment and hard work of stakeholders has resulted in a measurably different way of doing things and resulted in much more pleasing outcomes for all concerned.