StratAlign offers the a range of organisational performance audits to enable your organisation to understand where the greatest potential for improvement is.

Optimising of performance in any workplace is the result of a complex set of different dimensions each of which, if positively addressed, could help and organisation more effectively achieve its strategic goals. Opportunities for optimisation may come from any or all of the following organisational dimensions:

  • The quality and coherence of organisational strategy
  • Alignment with and commitment to organisational strategy
  • The quality of the leadership and management offered to people in the organisation
  • The culture of the organisation and the degree to which it creates a climate for optimal performance
  • The quality of relationships between people and structures within the organisation
  • The competence and perception of leadership in the organisation 2
  • The competency of the people involved in leadership and management

It is critical to determine which of these dimensions provides the best opportunity for the optimisation of performance.