We pay particular attention to involving our clients in the
design and articulation of the solutions they require.

Our BEE Certificate

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Our Company

StratAlign is a black empowered company that focuses on the development of human potential and performance in the workplace. It assists organisations to achieve high levels of coherence by aligning individual performance with organisational strategy and business goals. The company originated through the merging of the consulting interests of Charles Nupen cc and Alan Brews and Associates cc into StratAlign Pty Ltd.

At StratAlign we believe that organisational success results from a creative blending of the efforts of committed individuals to achieve excellence within a coherent organisational environment. The twin concepts of organisational coherence and personal commitment are the cornerstones of our offering. Or as we prefer to put it, that:

Organisational Coherence (OC) + Personal Engagement (PE ) = Customer Satisfaction(CS)

In short, StratAlign is committed to strategic performance improvement through carefully crafted interventions. We assist companies to grow and strengthen their businesses through focusing on developing the different dimensions of organisational effectiveness and coherence as well as the personal engagement essential to a productive and proactive workplace.

Our Vision

StratAlign’s vision is to enhance the success of its customers through innovation, alignment and coherence. in order to achieve this, StratAlign promotes the following values:

  • Affirming people as the greatest asset of any organisation
  • Providing exceptional benefit, value and service to customers
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Adhering to the highest levels of honesty and integrity
  • Opening opportunities for more South Africans to benefit from growth and development

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver specialised consulting services which promote an organisation’s effectiveness and coherence in the following critical areas:

Formulating and executing innovative strategy in fast moving and complex times

Stakeholder Relationships
Reconciling and aligning the interests of diverse stakeholders through skilful process management towards coherent and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Achieving excellence through coherent, aligned leadership

Organisational Culture
Achieving coherent organisational culture to realise strategic goals

Performance Enablement
Achieving high performance levels of through designing and implementing coherent performance enablement systems

Employee Relations
Transforming relationships between company, its Union stakeholders and its employees by designing and implementing effective ER systems

Customer Focus
Delighting our customers by designing innovative and aligned customer care services

We pay particular attention to involving our clients in the design and articulation of the solutions they require. This approach leads to credible and sustainable outcomes which generate a strong sense of client ownership.

Coaching Services
Making coaching accessible to significantly more people because of the impact it can have upon thier lives and the performance of the organisations within which they work.

We provide the right coach to the right person, at the right time, providing the right value.