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Our People

Charles Nupen - Executive Chairman

Charles Nupen - Executive Chairman

Charles Nupen is an attorney and an ADR specialist.

After several years of legal practice, most notably at the Legal Resources Centre where he served under Chief Justice Arthur Chaskalson, he was appointed executive director of the Independent Mediation Service of South Africa in 1987

From 1987 to 1995 he steered IMSSA's growth into a national organisation, and conducted several hundred mediations and arbitrations across all sectors of the South African economy.

In the early 1990's, during a time of heightened political conflict, he chaired the Soweto Peace Committee. In 1994 he was appointed as a commissioner of the Independent Electoral Commission which oversaw South Africa's first national democratic elections. In 1995/6, he assisted in the establishment of the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration, South Africa's first national public dispute settlement agency and served as the CCMA's first executive director

From 1998 to 2007 he divided his time project managing for the International Labour Organisation, a Geneva based UN agency, and expanding his business and consulting interests. He has facilitated labour law reform projects and the establishment of several national dispute settlement agencies in Southern African countries.

Since 2007 he has been involved in high level interventions to resolve commercial disputes, labour disputes, and to address dysfunctional relationships and systems in corporate settings and in professional service firms. He has also managed major multi stakeholder negotiations in both the public and private sectors.

In 2009 he received Tokiso's Mediator of the Year award.

He is a CEDR accredited commercial mediator and an adjunct professor of law at the University of Cape Town.

He serves on the board of Resource Africa an NGO committed to promoting sustainable resource management to benefit rural communities in Southern Africa.

He serves on the board of governors of Michaelhouse .

Alan Brews

Alan Brews - Chief Executive Officer

Alan started his career studying civil engineering, working for LTA before deciding to enter the Methodist Ministry where he served for 16 years in Klerksdorp, Worcester, Windhoek, Cape Town and Umtata. During these years he was active in the struggle against apartheid through such organisations as the United Democratic Front. During his last pastoral appointment in the city centre of Cape Town he assisted in the uniting of the two city centre Methodist Churches that had been separated since the 1857 due to emancipation of slaves. During these years he learned many of the organisational, communications, conflict management and negotiations skills that he has developed in different contexts over the years.

Thereafter he worked for 3 years teaching at the University of Transkei and thereafter in civil society, most notably with the Urban Foundation, largely in the areas of organisational development and education.

Alan left the NGO sector to start his own organisational development and training business in 1994 and has run this business with varying degrees of intensity ever since. Some significant consulting appointments include: Strategic Management of the Toyota Teach programme in KwaZulu Natal from 1994-1997; Coordinating training of monitors in the IEC for the 1994 elections; Coordinating the recruitment and training of commissioners in the establishment phase of the CCMA; Establishing performance management systems at MNET Broadcast Services, FCB South Africa and other companies. He has also worked extensively in SADC countries, particularly Zimbabwe, Namibia and Lesotho.

During these years he has gained significant experience in the business sector. In 1997 he was appointed as Managing Director of Datatec Ltd's training business which he grew within three years from a small operation to the largest IT training company in the country at the time.

From 2001 to 2003 he was the Chief Operating Officer of Questek, an Audio Visual Technology Company. In these contexts Alan learned to practice a diverse range of competencies at a high level and learned to understand the ICT industry.

In 2006 he joined forces with Charles Nupen to establish StratAlign.

Alan has taught at three local business schools in a range of subjects: the Gordon Institute of Business Science, the Da Vinci Institute and Henley Management College.

Most recently his major work has been with the top leadership of Telkom focusing on strategic support, leadership development and culture change.

His core areas of expertise are in strategy formulation and execution, leadership and management development, performance management and organisational behaviour. He is a certified facilitator of the Barrett Culture Transformation Tools.

Bontle MpakanyaneBontle Mpakanyane - Director

Bontle Mpakanyane has extensive experience in the areas of training, and development, and facilitation. She is a Director of The EleXions Agency. She is founder member of the Electoral Institute of Southern Africa (EISA) and headed its ELECT division. She has observed and has been part of the Secretariat to Electoral Observer Missions in the SADC region and has conducted political, corporate and community electoral processes.

She was instrumental in setting up the IECs conflict management structures in the 1999 general elections. She has experience in Project Management, Business Development, and has facilitated conferences on BEE and HR related topics.

Nicola Grootes �� Nicola Grootes - Consultant

Nicola began her career as an English and History teacher soon after qualifying from Rhodes University. After teaching in Johannesburg she completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Business Administration (PDM) from Wits Business School.

Between 2006 and 2009 she worked in customer management within the Healthcare Industry for a company specializing in risk and fraud solutions for medical aid schemes. Here she honed and developed, amongst other things, her customer service and project management skills.

In September 2009 Nicola joined Stratalign as a consultant as part of the company's long term sustainability strategy. In addition to her considerable competence she brings energy and enthusiasm to the organisation. She has worked closely with the Directors on various high profile interventions supporting facilitation, consulting and training activities. She will in addition be focusing in the future on specific areas of consulting such as Performance Enablement and Culture Change. Nicola is a certified facilitator of the Barrett Culture Transformation Tools.

Margot Brews - Consultant Margot Brews - Consultant

With a Masters in Business Administration and several years experience as an Executive Director, Margot understands that the demands and pace of business life are increasing, creating an expanded need for integrity, accountability, hands-on involvement, and authentic leadership. Because everything takes place in real-time, there is no downtime to reflect, review progress, or rise above the fray to evaluate or change a course of action.

On the other hand, she knows that coaching can provide an oasis of calm, a place for executives to calibrate strategy, to evaluate themselves and their performance with an objective third party. It may be one of the few ways to get candid feedback, guidance, and the development they need to prepare for the future.

Combining her scientific background in critical care medicine, experience as an executive director and skills as a coach, speaker and trainer; Margot focuses on helping people develop their individual talents and capabilities so they are resourceful, resilient and can navigate change for a fulfilling career and life.

Margot is an internationally accredited Meta-Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, certified hypnotherapist and Parts Therapy Facilitator, and the author of three books on self development. She specializes in executive coaching, leadership benchmarking and health coach training. Her nurturing yet powerful style challenges and supports clients to become the best they can be.

Rosalie Gunn - Office Administrator

Rosalie has a background in working with musicians in a sound engineering capacity. She has a number of years experience in office administration positions in both South Africa and the United Kingdom. 

In August 2012, Rosalie joined the StratAlign team in the capacity of Office Administrator. Rosalie is responsible for administratively supporting  the StratAlign team and our offices in Illovo. In addition to the enormous assistence she provides, Rosalie brings an upbeat atmosphere to the office with her bubbly personality.