Our Approach to Coaching

Our Methodology

StratAlign recognises that different contexts and diverse people require a variety of approaches to coaching and therefore contracts with coaches who are capable of delivering a range of trusted methodologies.

At a philosophical level StratAlign distinguishes coaching from therapy. Coaching is about the actualisation of individuals both in themselves and within an organisational context, whilst therapy deals with human pathologies that require the attention of highly trained clinical specialists. Coaching focuses on improvements for people who are already functioning reasonably successfully and would like to enhance themselves and their performance.

As such StratAlign tends to lean towards methodologies that come from the “positive psychology” movement that has its origins in Abraham Maslow. Such methodologies focus on enabling the self actualisation of people through identifying and meeting higher order levels of human meaning and consciousness.

However, we are clear that coaching happens in a specific organisational context and that the leadership of the organisation has specific expectations of the outcomes of the coaching that will result in improved individual and organisational performance. For this reason StratAlign believes that coaching is about aligning the aspirations of individual employees with the expectations of the organisation. This is achieved by deliberately focusing some of the coaching sessions on a personal journey and others on the organisational journey.