Our approach to organisational culture surveys and transformation using barrett survey methodology

Our approach is informed by a set of propositions about organisational culture transformation:
The first proposition is that culture transformation is about enabling the human behaviours necessary to ensure the execution of strategy within any organisation. No strategy, however brilliant, is of any use unless the people implementing the strategy exhibit behaviours conducive to that implementation. Culture transformation is not a “soft”, “nice to have” dimension of organisational life – it is the key to strategy execution.

The second proposition is that the positive transformation of an organisation should be driven by the top leadership of the organisation but must be based on the real perceptions and inputs of the people within the organisation. In this way the expectations of the people within the organisation provide direction to the leadership about the kind of workplace desired by employees.
Research shows that the greater the alignment between the personal values of the people in the organisation and those chosen by the organisation the higher the impact on engagement, productivity and organisational effectiveness. Simply put, when people perceive the values of the organisation to be more aligned with their own values they are able to bring more of their effort and energy to the workplace. A culture values survey provides the leadership with an indication of the
kind of organisation the employees would like to have. This provides a sound foundation for leadership decisions about the culture and values of the organisation.

The third proposition is that the transformation of any organisation begins with the transformation of its leadership. The importance of effective and coherent leadership cannot be underestimated. Whilst culture and values should be defined with input from the employees within an organisation the leadership is accountable for culture transformation. Consequently special attention should be paid to ensuring that the leadership is both equipped to lead the culture transformation process and is on the transformation journey itself. The Barrett Values Centre has developed Leadership Values Assessments and Leadership Development Reports for this purpose.

The fourth proposition to which we subscribe with regard to culture and values transformation is that it is all about the quality of relationships and the conversations that happen within those relationships. Values have to do with the way people treat each other and how that treatment affects their ability to communicate with one another and achieve things together.