We pay particular attention to involving our clients in the
design and articulation of the solutions they require.

Strengthening Leadership

Over the years StratAlign has developed significant experience in strengthening top leadership as a critical dimension of ensuring organisational coherence.

StratAlign has learned that such leadership strengthening needs to be a focused medium to long term strategy and cannot be achieved through the implementation of a few team building activities (although these may assist along the way).

It is about the establishment of deep mutual trust based on assured leadership competence, a sound understanding of each other and a common perception of the goals the leadership is seeking to achieve. Sustaining a coherent leadership culture in fast moving, complex and

turbulent environments is one of the challenges many teams face. StratAlign can put its experience to work in designing and supporting a process that is specific to any Leadership team.

Key Tools

  • Barrett Leadership Values Assesment
  • Leadership Team Models
  • Facilitation
  • Experience