We pay particular attention to involving our clients in the
design and articulation of the solutions they require.

Transforming Organisational Culture

Alongside the coherence of its strategy and the quality of its leadership, the culture of an organisation is the third key determinant of its ability to achieve its strategic goals. In this regard StratAlign offers process and tools that enable organisations to assess and transform their cultures in order to maximise the engagement and performance of their people.

StratAlign has the experience of working on culture transformation processes within large organisations. In particular StratAlign seeks to work with the Leadership of organisations in order to reflect on the values and leadership cultures which are appropriate in the socio economic climate
in which we operate.

It is clear that many of the challenges faced by large corporations, including those which have imploded during the global economic meltdown can be traced to issues relating to values and culture.

Key Tools

  • Change Management Methodologies
  • Culture Change Methodologies
  • Facilitation
  • Surveys
  • Barrett Tools