Organisational Design

Organisational Design & Planning

As StratAlign, we align ourselves with the broadly accepted rationale of workforce planning which is to ensure that “the right people with the right skills are in the right place at the right time.” Our view is that this should be expanding slightly as follows:

“Workforce Planning is the process of ensuring that an organisation achieves its strategic vision through having the right people with the right skills and attitudes in the right jobs within the right structure at the right time.”

It is critically important that this is not achieved through a narrow focus on supply and demand leading to what might be called a short term “staffing plan”. On the contrary, workforce planning is an ongoing strategic activity to ensure that the human capital in an organisation meets the needs and requirements of the organisation’s strategic plan. This is not a once off activity but an ongoing process within the organisation that requires continuous attention.

Consequently Workforce Planning is the strategic alignment of an organization’s human capital with its business direction.