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Stratalign South Africa Webinar on Essential Competencies for the 21st Century Leader.
Essential Competencies for the 21st Century Leader

StratAlign has a rich history of supporting leaders in the workplace ensure that their people can work effectively with one another, have the conversations that are necessary, negotiate wise and helpful outcomes, manage conflict, solve problems and influence each other successfully, all under the supportive facilitation of the leader. These competencies are essential for the modern leader.

RICHSELF Personal Wellness Webinar – Based on the book written by Alan and Margot Brews. Facilitated by the authors.

Wellness is not a new concept. The ancient Greeks believed that a truly healthy person “possessed a keen intellect, a well-developed will and a disciplined body”. Their ideal of arête was considered a noble state of human functioning, representing the merging of body, mind, and spirit. Since the 1970s, there has been a keen focus on wellness with many models and programmes emerging to assist people to improve their health and lifestyles. The COVID 19 Pandemic has brought issues of self-care and wellness into sharp focus in many people’s lives.

Leading and Managing People Working from Home webinar by Stratalign

Most Commentators Are Agreed That Working From Home Is Going To Become A Part Of The New Normal. How Equipped Are You And Your Co-Leaders To Manage People Working Remotely From Home?

Organisational Culture Webinar by Stratalign South Africa
Organisational Culture Webinar by Strataling South Africa

StratAlign has a long history of supporting organisations with Culture Transformation processes. A positive, high-performance culture is the key to the implementation of strategy in any organisation. The best strategies developed in organisations are only as good as the behaviour of the people who execute them. Every organisation has a culture. Some are positive and enabling performance and employee well-being and whilst others are destructive and counterproductive to performance and workplace happiness. The former tend to be deliberately created and managed whilst others are the result of neglect and poor leadership.