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StratAlign is a BBBEE Level 2 black empowered management consultancy that focuses on enhancing human potential and performance. Our StratAlign management consultants assist organisations in achieving high levels of coherence and workplace performance. We do this by aligning individual performance with organisational strategy and business goals.


Our StratAlign management consultants believe that organisational success results from a creative blending of the efforts of committed individuals to achieve excellence within a coherent organisational environment. The twin concepts of organisational coherence and personal commitment are the cornerstones of our offering. Or as we prefer to put it, that:

Organisational Coherence (OC) + Personal Engagement (PE ) = Customer Satisfaction(CS)


Positive people, productive workplace partnerships


Aligning people with strategy and each other in the workplace and beyond


PEOPLE are the key to the success of almost any organisation

Every person and situation has significantly more POTENTIAL than is immediately obvious

Enabling the valued appropriate PARTICIPATION of people unlocks potential

Where participation is expressed as PARTNERSHIP the impossible becomes possible

Credible PROCESSES produce credible outcomes

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