Organizational Culture Transformation - Align Culture with Strategy.
Organisational Culture Transformation

Organisational Culture Transformation

At StratAlign, we have decades of experience helping businesses of all sizes with their organizational culture transformation processes. It’s a field about which we are exceptionally passionate. And if done correctly, the results can yield phenomenal improvements in both people’s lives and organizational performance.

Organizational culture is a unique and evolving system of structures, intentions, values and beliefs that are formed by experiences over time as the way in which a group of people operate together. As such it is persistent and requires considerable focus and intention to change.

The process we have developed to enable Organisational Culture Change uses a systems approach and is divided into four phases. These are are known as our 4D’s of Organisational Culture Transformation:

  1. Diligence Phase
  2. Diagnosis Phase
  3. Design Phase
  4. Delivery Phase

Measuring Organisational Culture Transformation

At StratAlign, we believe in measuring what we implement. We measuring organisational culture transformation,  we take the following five principles into account:

  1. What is measured is managed.
  2. We focus on both Quantitative and Qualitative measures: Quantitative refers to measures that can be verified empirically and reflect the quantity of transformation. Qualitative refers to measures that have an element of subjectivity but indicate the quality of transformation.
  3. We consider both macro and micro indicators should be considered in measurement. E.g. (Macro – company profitability) (Micro – turnaround times with customers)
  4. We consider both direct and indirect measures. Direct measures focus specifically on dimensions of culture, whilst indirect measures focus on the impact of culture transformation on the overall performance of the organisation.
  5. We do a cost benefit analysis. Don’t spend more money measuring transformation than transforming!!

Organisational Culture Surveys


Alongside the coherence of its strategy and the quality of its leadership, the culture of an organisation is a determinant of its ability to achieve its strategic goals. Culture surveys provide a measurement of the impact the culture is having on the organisation. Consequently, an insight into its culture and climate will enable your organization to identify its key opportunities for performance improvement.

Our experience of working on culture transformation processes has shown that leadership style and organisational values are key determinants of cultures which enhance performance and wellbeing. The collaborative definition of organisational values and the development of leaders to effective lead and shape culture transformation are important dimensions of our processes.

Hence, many of the challenges faced by organisations, including those which have faced tough global economic conditions, can be traced to issues relating to values and culture.


Identifying opportunities to optimise performance  allows  an organisation to more effectively achieve its strategic goals. This performance optimisation can be achieved by positively addressing any or all of the following organisational dimensions:

  • The quality and coherence of organisational strategy
  • Alignment with and commitment to organisational strategy
  • The competence and perception of leadership in the organisation
  • The degree to which the culture of the organisation creates a climate for optimal performance
  • The quality of relationships within the organisation

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Identify the greatest opportunities for building a high performance culture within your organisation.

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