Collaborative Employee Relations with StratAlign Management Consultants
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Collaborative Employee Relations

StratAlign has developed an approach to the transformation or strengthening of workplace employee relationships which has been tested in a diverse range of organisational contexts over at least the past 12 years. This collaborative employee relations approach has been the key to our many successful partnerships over the years.

A Different Paradigm

Historically workplace relationships in South Africa have been largely influenced by a hierarchical instructional style of management and a demand driven approach by unions. This approach is becoming anachronistic in a world of work that is transforming rapidly, is increasingly knowledge driven and reliant on technological innovation. Employees in the new world of work are and should be treated as thinkers and problem solvers actively engaged in driving enterprise performance.

In this new paradigm Employee Relations becomes the art and science of managing collective and individual relationships within organisations in such a way that the wellbeing and productivity of people is optimised for the benefit of the company and its employees. This paradigm requires of managers, employees and employee representatives much greater degrees of positive engagement around common objectives and healthy dialogue and problem solving to resolve differences to the benefit of all. Such cooperation should be evident between Companies and their recognised unions as well as between managers and employees.

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