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Our process of Organisational Culture Change uses a systems approach and is divided into four phases. These are are known as our 4D’s of Organisational Culture Transformation:

  1. Diligence Phase
  2. Diagnosis Phase
  3. Design Phase
  4. Delivery Phase
January 19, 2021
Organizational Culture Design

The 4D’s of Organizational Culture Transformation

Organizational culture transformation is a unique and evolving system of structures, intentions, values and beliefs that are formed by experiences over time as the way in which a group of people operate together. A such it is persistent and requires considerable focus and intention to change.
July 21, 2020
Organisational Culture Webinar by Stratalign South Africa

Essential Competencies for 21′ st Century Leaders Webinar Series 2: Organisational Culture

StratAlign has a long history of supporting organisations with Culture Transformation processes. A positive, high-performance culture is the key to the implementation of strategy in any […]