COVID 19 Business Strategies with StratAlign South Africa
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April 30, 2020
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Covid 19 Business Strategies

Covid 19 Business Strategies

Let us help you develop your COVID 19 business strategies to meet today’s challenges and opportunities. The age of reinvention and rethinking the narrative is upon us. It’s time to think differently about how your business moves forward in these unprecedented times.

StratAlign has extensive experience in the private, public and civil society sectors of helping organisations develop their long-term strategies. We would like to use our experience to help you develop an implementable strategy to maximise the immediate opportunities in and beyond pandemic times. Essentially, let’s future-proof your business today.

The uncertainty created in COVID times has left many organisations uncertain about how to plan for the immediate future. Having a clear strategic direction is essential in alleviating this uncertainty.

How we can help with your COVID 19 Response

We have multiple methodologies to assist with the facilitation of your strategic response to COVID 19.

In helping you develop a strategic response to COVID 19 we will help to at least clarify the following:

  • How has COVID 19 impacted your business?
  • What are the different scenarios that may play in our context and business over the next few months and years?
  • What is your organisation’s response to each scenario identified?
  • What longer-term changes do we anticipate for our business?
  • How can we differentiate ourselves in the changed circumstances?
  • How does this change our business model?
  • How does this change our structure and the way we work?
  • What doe this mean for the people in our business?
  • How should we keep in touch with our customers?
  • What do we need to say to our market?


If you would like to set up an appointment to hear more about how we can assist you develop COVID 19 business strategies to meet today’s challenges and opportunities. please contact us or call +27 (83) 229 8646.

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