How Are Your People Coping? How Can You Help Them?
April 9, 2020
April 24, 2020


Following our free webinar, StratAlign is offering a four-module online course to help managers learn how to lead and manage people working from home. It should be noted that many of the competencies implicit in this course apply in a “normal” workplace as well.

According to a study done, it shows that working from home increases productivity! However, it is debatable as to when or if the workplace will ever be the same again. The emphasis will be on practical tools that can be implemented immediately.

The four modules will be facilitated in Webinars as follows:

Date and timeModule Cost
Tuesday 21 April at 4 pm – 5 pm SASTModule One: Looking after yourself as leader and manager
• Understanding the changing workplace
• What can legitimately be expected of you as a manager and leader
• Understanding your own feelings
• Looking after yourself spiritually
• Looking after mental well-being and resilience
• Looking after your health
R 200 per person
Thursday 23 April at 4 pm – 5 pm SASTModule Two: Enabling people to look after each other
• Enabling people to understand the new workplace
• Understanding what your people need
• Establishing ways of people supporting each other
• Sustaining the mutual support
• The role of the leader
o Facilitation, Communication, Inspiration and Resilience
o Structure, Resources and Flexibility
R 200 per person
Tuesday 28 April at 4 pm – 5 pm SASTModule Three: Setting Boundaries for working from home
• Understanding the nature and importance of boundaries
• The mutual gains (win-win) approach (for both Boundaries and Accountability)
• The process of negotiating and agreeing on boundaries.
• Getting practical about setting boundaries
R 200 per person
Thursday 30 April at 4 pm – 5 pm SASTModule Four: Enabling Accountability when working from home
• Understanding Accountability
• The process of establishing clear accountabilities
• Managing Accountability
• Getting practical about Accountability
R 200 per person

What you will receive:

  1. Pre-reading to help you prepare for the Webinars
  2. Notes from the Webinars
  3. Audio and Video recordings of the Webinars
  4. Additional follow up materials after the Webinars
  5. A certificate of attendance for each module

To register email alan@stratalign.co.za or jill@stratalign.co.za

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